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Chinese sports brand Li Ning Co Ltd on Friday said it expects to post its third straight full-year loss Kevin Zeitler Brown Jersey , as it grapples with a restructuring, bloated inventories and slowing demand following the 2008 Olympics.

Li Ning, which is backed by private equity powerhouse TPG Capital and Singapore wealth fund GIC, forecast a net loss of up to 820 million yuan (88 million pounds) for 2014 due in part to costs related to its transformation plans.

Li Ning said the financial performance for the second half of last year was expected to improve from a net loss of 585.8 million yuan in the first half. Same-store-sales growth turned positive during the July-December period Danny Shelton Brown Jersey , it added.

Shares of the $600 million company fell about two percent by lunch, reversing earlier gains fuelled by hopes the company was turning a corner. The benchmark Hang Seng Index was 1.03 percent higher.

"Investors are glad to hear about the improvement after all this years of transformation," said Steven Leung, a sales director at UOB Kay Hian. "But people are still cautious on the effectiveness of the plans Shon Coleman Brown Jersey , and prefer to wait and see."

Li Ning, which teamed up with U.S. basketball star Dwayne Wade in 2013 to launch sneakers, has undergone a transformation aiming to trim inventory and rebuild its brand to deal with intensifying competition from the likes of ANTA Sports Products Ltd and Nike Inc.

The company is due to announce its full-year earnings in March.

"As the group enters its next phase of development, it is seeing positive and healthy growth in revenue Cody Kessler Brown Jersey ," former Olympic gold medallist and executive chairman Li Ning said in a filing to the Hong Kong bourse.

The company saw its revenue grow 20 percent year-on-year from July to November last year, higher than the 8 percent growth in the first half.

In August, it said that with the "first phase" of a turnaround plan completed, it planned to focus on boosting its brand image.

UBS said in a report on Thursday that while it expected Li Ning to post a loss for 2014 Carl Nassib Brown Jersey , it forecast the company to report a profit this year thanks to the growing spending power of China's middle class.

Li Ning said in December that it planned to raise up to HK$1.69 billion (144 million pounds) in an open offer of shares to support its next stage of growth.

Friday's profit warning came more than a month after Jin-Goon Kim stepped down as interim chief executive officer to tend to other responsibilities as a partner of TPG.

When you set up an aquarium, one thing that no one misses is the goldfish. Everyone adores its beauty and elegance and everyone is fond of it. When you think of goldfish what comes in your mind is the golden color of the beauty queen of your aquarium. You have so many varieties in goldfish. There are goldfish of different sizes, different shapes and different colors. But all the fish come from the species Carassius auratus.

You have single tailed varieties such as the common goldfish, comet and shubunkin. There are fancy goldfish varieties such bubble eye Emmanuel Ogbah Brown Jersey , celestial eye and telescope eye which are known for its eye shape. Oranda, lionhead and ranchu are the types known for its head growth. And you have better known varieties too such as the pearlscale, Chinese pom pom, veiltail Corey Coleman Brown Jersey , fantail and ryukin.

The common goldfish is a hard type fish which does not require more special care. You can grow these types of fish in ponds also. Like the common goldfish, the comet also does not require much special care. Shubunkins are also very easy to handle. They are fast swimmers, and need lots of space in the aquarium. However the common goldfish grows very large and isn?t suitable for most home aquariums. Fancy goldfish are more suitable for aquariums.

The bubble eyed goldfish is more famous for its big bubbly eyes. It gives them beauty, and it has two large sacks filled with water. These sacs jiggle as they swim and it adds beauty to their elegance. Because of the sack they swim slowly. Then comes the celestial eye whose eyes are protruding has the same shape as the bubble eye. Both the eyes point in the same direction. The telescope eye has the same features of the bubble eye Zane Gonzalez Brown Jersey , but its eyes are not pointing towards the same direction. One common variety of telescope eye is the black moor.

The pearlscale is a variety that is normally grown in China. The fish looks as if it is covered with pearl. Its body is round in shape and double tailed.

The Chinese pom pom is a variety that is dorsal less having the body of a lionhead type. These fishes have a pom pom structure near the nostrils and it will be of a pea size. It is a rare variety.

The veiltail and ryukin are the varieties with round egg shaped body. They have no head growth and the tail is pointed. It is double tailed variety. Some head growth can be seen in the old ryukins.

Oranda, lionhead and ranchu are double tailed varieties. Oranda and ranchu have a round structure while lionheads have a rectangular body. All these varieties have a head growth which mostly covers the whole body.

What is most important is the care we take when we have goldfish in our aquarium. The aquarium should have a good filtration system that has a large biological filter, because goldfish produce a lot of waste that will reduce water quality and may even kill the fish. High oxygenation water levels are important for goldfish and the use of an air pump can be beneficial for these lovely fish. For 2 3 medium sized fancy goldfish you should look at an aquarium which is 30L (8 US Gallon) up to 60L (16 US Gallon). Decorate your aquarium with the queens.

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